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Aftercare Instructions:

Proper care following your procedure is necessary to achieve the best result. In many cases some unevenness of colour is to be expected. A touch up is included after the first Eyebrow Embroidery Appointment not earlier than 4 weeks and no later than 6 weeks after. Please note, scheduling the Touch Up appointment is your responsibility, a touch up fee of 100.00 will be charged when you miss the 6 weeks cut off period as you agreed and signed on the Consent Form upon the first appointment, cancelling or rescheduling an appointment less than 24hours before the the time, a 500.00 fee will be charged extra. Eyeliner and Lip Touch Up appointments are NOT included but can be scheduled 4-6 later or as required. If during the healing process you have any concerns, please contact me directly!

Some itching is normal. DO NOT PICK, PEEL OR SCRATCH the treated area. Your colour may heal unevenly and you risk scarring and infection.

No makeup is to be applied onto the specific area or near it to prevent infection and to allow the skin to heal.

Do not expose your healing skin to direct shower spray, hot water, cosmetic products like creams and sprays, lotions or ointments other than what have been instructed to use for ONE WEEK following your procedure.

After the Eyebrow Embroidery procedure start the application of the aftercare ointment. The first application after two hours and repeat every two hours till the PM.

AM & PM - avoid splashing water over the area or standing under the shower with your face. Wet your face with your fingers, foam your face wash then apply to the damp face, washing around the area avoiding the treated area, always. Instead of rinsing or splashing off, use a wet sponge, facecloth or mitten to remove the soapy cleanser. For 6 days avoid the treated area when cleansing the face, in the bath, shower or over the basin, even when washing hair, wash back in the bath. Press the face dry with a tissue instead of wiping with a towel.

Always apply the aftercare ointment with a clean cotton stick from the jar to the area gently. Avoid using the same end of the cotton stick a second time as it will contaminate the jar with the cream.

The repeated applications of the ointment is to moisten the area, to protect it from bacteria and scabbing. If it scabs, the pigment will be removed in the process.


- Mornings and evenings when cleansing your face, avoid washing over the brows. For six days work around the brows even when applying skincare and makeup products. Always pick up HALF A RICE GRAIN SIZE of the ointment with a clean cotton stick tip, SHARE between the brows, then apply with the cotton stick to the brows.
- Remember to reapply the ointment every two hours DURING THE FOLLOWING SIX DAYS ONLY.


- After the Eyeliner procedure, no soap or water must go near the eye area for 6 days. Only a very small amount of the aftercare ointment needs to be applied four times a day under the liner under the eye and on top of the liner on the top lid. Remember to use the Camomile teabags soaked in cold water the evening and the next morning after the procedure as explained after the ointment application and following after the 10 minutes with the ointment application again.


- After a lip procedure always keep your lips moist at all times alternating between the two provided treatments for 6 days. Avoid spicy food, seafood, heat or cold. If using fever blister medication, continue as prescribed.

Long Term Care:

- Always use a good sunscreen daily, even lips requires protection. Sun exposure will fade permanent cosmetics and may cause irritation even a year later.
- Please inform your physician of your cosmetic tattoo if you are planning a peel, MRI, laser or medical procedure.
- If you are a blood donor please note the blood bank policy after your cosmetic tattoo procedure before you donate blood.

For further information, feedback or questions please contact MCBartistry through our website www.MCBartistry.com or call Marthinus at +27 (60) 6362710