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I'D RATHER BE late THAN on time WITH bad brows.



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The Man Behind the Magic

South African born, in a small town, Klerksdorp, North-West Province, Marthinus is the eldest of 8 children. 6 Boys and two girls. Growing up in a conservative, strict family in a farming community, he always knew that he was different, destined for more. To see the world, travel and be creative.

After his High School Career, he first ventured into the Hospitality industry, starting up a Coffee Shoppe then two Juice Bars with a Gym Group. After being approached by Christian Dior he began a career in the Beauty Industry as a casual worker. Being inspired by an International Makeup Artist for Dior, he then went to learn the Art of Makeup part time. A friend took him in as a Beauty Adviser during this time and taught him tricks of the trade, product knowledge, sales techniques, makeup application tips and customer service skills.

After graduating from the Makeup School he approached Luxury Brands with an idea as a Travelling Makeup Artist around his home country. Dior employed him as the National Makeup Artist and from here the sky was the limit. He travelled to Paris to complete his Backstage training with Dior and conducted on counter training with Beauty Advisors, did Customer Makeovers and recommended products. He was invited to perform a creative Makeup look in the Middle East for a Fashion Show and was soon after offered the position as the International Makeup Artist, leading a team, travelling to inspire woman from around the globe. This was another stepping stone to a long and prosperous career in the Far East as the Regional Makeup Artist then Regional Makeup Trainer for Chanel.

This was another stepping stone to a long and prosperous career in the Far East as the Regional Makeup Artist then Regional Makeup Trainer for Chanel. Personal reasons brought him back home and then to Europe where he completed his Training in Vienna, Austria as an Eyebrow Expert in Microblading/Eyebrow Embroidery. Since 2015 he has been working in and around South Africa as a Permanent Makeup Artisan and Skin Expert. Recently, he was awarded by Nouveau Contour SA as a one of 8 Prestige Members in South Africa for his work in Permanent Makeup.

With 19 years of first-hand extensive experience working as a Makeup Artist in over 20 countries across the world to help woman find 'that look' that resonates with them, MCBartistry's founder, Marthinus Barnard, offers you his expertise. He was recently certified as a member of the Prestige Team, one of eight, in South Africa for Nouveau Contour. He has done more than 7219 pairs of Eyebrows the last 4 years and is still counting!

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