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Dermexcel Skin Treatments

Dermexcel Clarify Peel
Clarify Peel is a superficial peel, with no downtime. The peel will increase cellular turnover and its sebumetric effect will regulate sebum production and secretion. The Salicylic acid in Clarify peel, removes intercellular lipids, resulting in a decrease of cornified cells, followed by activation of epidermal basal cells, and underlying fibroblasts. This action, leads to positive alterations in underlying dermal tissue, without directly wounding the skin. Clarify peel contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties.

30mins | R680.00

Dermexcel Rejuvenize Peel
Rejuvenize Peel is a superficial peel, with no downtime. It offers Anti-inflammatory, Keratolytic, as well as antioxidant effects. The Glycolic acid in Rejuvenize peel has the smallest molecular weight amongst all the alpha-hydroxy acids. It penetrates the skin easily, making it a popular peel agent. It remodels the epidermal, and dermal extracellular matrix. Rejuvenize peel increases epidermal, and dermal hyaluronic acid, and collagen gene expression, leading to activation of collagen deposition.

30mins | R800.00

Dermexcel Illuminize Peel
Illuminize Peel is a superficial peel, with no downtime. It provides Keratolytic, as well as Comedolytic action. Illuminize peel increases cellular turnover, followed by the release of cytokines and inflammatory mediators, resulting in thickening of the epidermis, deposition of collagen, reorganization of structural elements, and an increased dermal volume. Illuminize peel replaces, and reorients new dermal connective tissue. This results in an improved clinical appearance of the skin, with fewer lines and wrinkles, decreased pigmentary dyschromia, and a more youthful appearance.

30mins | R800.00

Dermexcel Tri-Active Retinol Peel
Tri-Active Retinol Peel is a superficial peel, with no downtime. It provides Keratolytic, as well as Comeadolytic action. This treatment is an advanced medical peel, that contains high potency retinol, in combination with the unique, and patented Retinoic acid analog. Tri-active retinol peel will greatly enhance collagen and dermal matrix production. It will reduce acne and pore congestion, and will also regulate sebum secretion. Tri-active Retinol peel treats pigmentation, by inhibiting melanogenesis. Preventing melanosome transfer from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte. This professional medical treatment increases water content in the epidermis, and stimulates fibroblasts, to produce collagen. **Best to schedule this treatment early in the day as it needs to be left on for 4-8 hours and must be washed off at home, not later and can not be slept with. It leaves a yellow residue on the skin so don’t schedule anything after for the rest of that day.

30mins | R1,050.00

Dermexcel Tri-Active Retinol Peel with Dermapen
The specialized Microneedeling with Chemical Peel Treatment addresses skin ageing at an advanced level. Within the facial, scalp, neck and décolleté area there is special focus on natural collagen induction therapy in combination with Dermexcel Tri-Retinol Peel.

60mins | R1,780.00
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